Heart Shaped Umbrella - Silver

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Heart Shaped Umbrella - Silver

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What is a heart? 
 An internal organ that pumps blood around you body? 
 An 80's female rock duo? 
 A clock that Dorothy gave to the Tin Man? 
 Something that Tony Bennett left in San Fransisco? 

To all these, I can shout a resounding "YES………but NO", because what it really is, is a gorgeous, stunning, head turning, unusual, strong and fun, heart-shaped umbrella! 
If any of those words also describe you, then this brolly is the one.

The technical bits

  • Long Stick style
  • canopy radius varies from 41cm at the V to 70cm at the point (average diameter is approx. 110cm). 
  • length: 87.5cm from handle to tip 
  • colour co-ordinated ergonomic rubber handle 
  • strong, windproof umbrella with a fibreglass frame 
  • lightweight aluminium shaft 

UV Protection

The Silver Heart umbrella has a specially coated canopy giving extra UV protection to keep those harmful rays at bay. 

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