We have a lot in common with Josh Groban!

I was watching Josh Groban in concert in Manchester the other day (a birthday pressie from my hubby), and for some reason it popped into my head that we have a lot in common.

OK this may seem a bit weird but just go with me here.....


Josh Groban has lots of great fans, but he isn't exactly mainstream (yet).

Hello Brolly has lots of great fans too, but we could always do with more, so please tell your friends.

Josh's fans are discerning, and appreciate that he hasn't changed his unique style to chase a more mainstream audience (he still sings songs in a variety of languages on each album).

Hello Brolly customers are also very sophisticated, and appreciate that here at HB we could buy in all sorts of umbrellas, and aim for a mass market, but our ethos is 'Why buy the ordinary, and bland when you can find beautiful umbrellas that are different and unusual'.

Josh believes in creating great music, and goes to great lengths to get amazing musicians from all around the world to play with him (his band consisted of musicians from Russia, Cameroon, America and his choir was from good ol' Manchester).

Here at Hello Brolly we also go to great lengths to source stunning umbrellas from all over the world, we have umbrellas from America, Canada, UK and China.

You only have to see Josh on programmes like Never Mind the Buzzcocks (which he's been guest host a few times) to know that he likes to have fun, and doesn't take himself too seriously.

At one point in the concert, when Josh was chatting to the audience he uttered this line...

"I've just realised that I'm strange.......... but that's OK 'cos I sing pretty."

Well I've always known I was strange, and I definitely don't take myself seriously, which is probably not a revelation to you if you've ever read one of my umbrella descriptions (check out the descriptions on the Windproof Square or It's Raining Cats & Dogs umbrellas if you want proof). 

Like Josh my being strange is OK, because it let me create the entire Hello Brolly world, everything you see encompasses my strangeness and hopefully shows how much fun I have doing it.

Lastly Josh may not be to everyone's taste, but the people who love his music will be his fans forever.

Hello Brolly has a selective clientele, and we hope that you will also be our fans forever.

Thanks for reading

Karen Lee