Why are umbrella stands bad for wet umbrellas?

I love this idea of watering plants with the drips from drying umbrellas. (photo found on Pinterest)

From classic to the funkiest of funkys, umbrella stands are great for keeping your beautiful brollies neat and tidy, and ready to grab on your way out of the house, but there is one thing you should beware of.......


Umbrellas do not take kindly to being left wet or even just mildly moist.


  • Over time they may go rusty if they have metal ribs
  • The waterproof layer of the canopy can be compromised (especially if sunlight is also shining on them)
  • I have come across some that have even started growing smelly mould (yuk).

So before you put your brolly away after a downpour, open it up and let it dry.

"But it's bad to open a brolly indoors"

If you are particularly superstitious, and don't want to fully open your umbrella indoors then unfurl it, allowing it to be loosely open, and put it in a place that air can circulate around it or near a radiator (not too close though). 

Take a look at these beautiful modern umbrella stands.

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Karen Lee