This has absolutely nothing to do with umbrellas.

Forgive me for straying from my usual brolly related waffle, but this is for a good cause.

If you are a Supernatural fan, and watched it last night (in the UK), then this T-shirt will make sense.

Using my birthday money (yes, I'm a 47 year old who still gets birthday money!), I've just bought one of these exclusive charity fundraising t-shirts by the King of Hell himself, Mark Sheppard.

I love the T-shirt, it's a cool design & I'm a fan, so I wanted it, but I also love that money goes to a camp that teaches kids that being diabetic doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun that is camping and the outdoors.

Being diabetic myself I definitely know, with all the misinformation out there, how easy it is to believe that you can't/shouldn't do certain things. It took me a long time to learn the opposite (Sir Steve Redgrave taught me that nothing is out of bounds), so being able to positively affect the minds of young, probably a bit scared, youngsters is brilliant.

There's only a few hours left to get yourself one, so why not get a cool T-shirt, and do some good too. Get it here: