Soggy bottoms & saturated skulls!

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Today driving to work in miserable, dark, gloomy, sleeting rain I passed 5 schools and was amazed at the small amount of umbrellas I saw, and therefore how many drenched children there were. There were children as young as 4 walking to school in pretty nasty weather without protection from the elements, and quite a few teenagers that looked soaked to the bone due to their ultra-coolness not allowing them to even wear a coat.

Now I've never made it to being a parent, but I'm a pretty cool Auntie & godparent (I haven't just claimed this title, I have actually been told this, by them), and I know I'm biased, but I just wouldn't let any of them out of the house without a brolly in hand in this kind of weather unless the only trip they would be making was from the front door to the car door. 

Most of the kids I passed were wearing a coat, but these stop at the top of the thighs so all the rain that dribbles down ends up soaking the littles tikes' legs, not a comfortable way to start the day, and I can't imagine, in the season of the mighty cold, getting drenched by cold, driving rain is good for their health.

Not the actual dog I saw, but you get the idea.

What I found even more interesting, in this' kids without brollies' zone, is that I saw a lady taking her Shih Tzu dog for a walk. Not that interesting normally, but I was amazed at the contrast between how we treat our human kin and our furry family. This little dog had more protection from the elements than most of the before mentioned kids, it had a small dog coat on and it's lead doubled as a doggie umbrella.

I have absolutely no problem with these dog brollies (I may even end up selling them if enough people want one) or dogs in coats, but I do have a problem with cold, wet children having to sit in soggy clothes whilst trying to learn. 

There are brollies out there for children of all ages, in many cute and funky styles, so I implore you, please save our future generation from soggy bottoms, and saturated skulls and get them an umbrella,

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Karen Lee Xx