Make a style statement with the little things

If you dress to impress, don't forget the little things.


We fill our wardrobes with beautiful, stylish clothes, and match them with great accessories. A nice pair of Louboutin or L.K. Bennett shoes, teamed with a Gucci bag and some delicious jewellery, can give you that subtle inner confidence to face the day and anything that comes your way, but there is one item in many women's style ensemble that is sadly overlooked….. their umbrella.

As an accessory that people hope not to use it has been sidelined to a category of 'functional, but not necessarily stylish'. In years gone by handbags were necessary items that suffered in that same category until someone discovered that they could be both.

I have seen successful business women holding pitiful looking umbrellas, that wouldn't stand up to a strong breath from a hamster, or sporting bland, black brollies that blend you into the boring, bland background (name me a successful entrepreneurial woman who wants to blend into the background!). The only conclusion that I can come to is that these women haven't had the experience of a good umbrella............YET.

I will now admit to, at one time in my life, being one of these women. I like nice clothes and accessories, but umbrellas were something that I would spend as little as possible on. I thought that they always break easily, and they are easy to lose, so what's the point spending good money on one.

Well one day I saw a brolly that mesmerized me, it was 3 or 4 times the amount I would normally pay, but I just had to have it. The quality was so much better than the cheap brollies that I'd usually have bought. It just looked good, and was a bit quirky.

It started my love of umbrellas, and my change in career to becoming the owner of Hello Brolly. Since starting my business I have, as you would expect, collected quite a number of umbrellas for my personal use. I have big'uns, little'uns, odd-shaped, colourful, plain, frilly, fashionable, long and short, but my one criteria that must be filled is that it has to be a good quality umbrella, and that is also my one true criteria for all the brollies that I sell.

Please, I'm begging you.....

don't think of an umbrella as just something functional to keep the pesky rain off. Think of it in the same way as you do your shoes and handbags. It should make you feel good, compliment your style and show off your personality. A good umbrella won't break on it's first encounter with the wind, a good brolly is something you just wouldn't even dream of leave lying around because you like it so much and, best of all, a good umbrella will make you feel terrific even on the most miserable of days.

So please, if you've only ever bought cheap umbrellas, just try going up a level (or two), it will be a revelation to you how much better they are.

A good umbrella. Why?

Because you're definitely worth it!