It's Earth Day so I thought I should do something.

It's Earth Day 2013, and I'm wondering what I could do to improve my carbon footprint.

I, like most people, already do little bits and pieces:

  • Home waste recycling (helped by the council's recycling schemes)
  • I have a food composter in my yard
  • I've a water butt that collects water from my outhouse's roof, which I use to water plants & clean stuff outside
  • Turning off taps whilst teeth cleaning (if you want to know how much water this saves, try putting the plug in the sink before you start, you'll be surprised).
  • There's a jug in my fridge for tap water, because I like it really cold and if I waited for the cold stuff whilst running the taps, I think I would empty my local reservoir within a week.
  • I've got steel drink bottles that I use whilst out and about instead of buying 'over-priced' drinks in plastic packaging.
  • Make my own lunch, either soup or sandwiches, and package it in reusable boxes.
  • I found some really cool veg shaped boxes (bell peppers & onions) so that I can put part used veg back in the fridge without using tonnes of cling film (saran wrap if you are from the USA), and although they are made of plastic I figure that they will save a lot (money & the world's resources) in the long run.

So what can be done?

I know that we in the west create a shed load of the problems that blight the world, but unfortunately we aren't likely to go back to the horse & cart world of old, so how about we all improve just one thing so we can start a big ball rolling, and you never know where it'll stop.

So what is my ONE THING that I'm going to do.......

Hello Brolly's invoices will now be printed A5 size instead of A4 to halve the amount of paper we use, and because we want to do more, our second thing will be that we will endeavour to source our our brolly boxes using recycle cardboard.

So what's your one thing going to be?

If you have a 'THING' why not write it in the comments, and let others know about it.


Karen Lee