Canadian umbrella sculpture comes to lovers' rescue.

Last year Paris officials removed thousands of padlocks that couples from all over the world had attached to the city’s Pont des Arts bridge, but now the Vancouver Park Board have come to the rescue of padlock bearing lovers.

A sculpture called Love in the Rain, located near the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, Canada features four entwined couples under umbrellas, and each pair has a metal skirt designed for people to attach their padlock to.

Vancouver-based artist Bruce Voyce was inspired by the Japanese tradition of sharing umbrellas as symbols of love “I tried to create a special place for each special love. You’ll notice that each sculpture is unique to celebrate the diversity of love. It seems fitting to celebrate love with two figures, locked in an embrace, reaching towards the sky with an umbrella.

The piece is not complete without locks. “These figures look a little bare. They look like they may get cold in the rain so I would like to invite everyone to cover them with their locks of love” said Voyce. 

The $50,000 display is made from 5,000 pieces of handcrafted stainless steel, and each sculpture can hold several thousand locks, and the keys can be thrown away in a container provided by the park board, where they will be recycled and melted down.