1000s of fans create a Lightsabers & Umbrellas tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

On Saturday, January 14th at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, fans raised lightsabers and umbrellas toward the sky in tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, who sadly died within a day of each other at the end of December. 

It all started as a small, fan created event to remember the lives of Star Wars' Carrie Fisher, and her mother, Singin' in the Rain's Debbie Reynolds. The tribute was masterminded by Katie Shuman, a long time Disney fan and fashion blogger.

"I am a huge Star Wars fan, too, and when I heard about Carrie's death, I knew that I had to have a day at the parks where I could dress up as her to honour her legacy." she said.

She created an event on FaceBook, and used her blog, The Dressed Up Dame, to promote the event through local fashion and Disney fan groups, but she never realised it would create such a massive gathering. 
 "When I started this event I expected like maybe 100 people to even be interested in coming, but I'm happy that so many people are wanting to pay tribute to two wonderful women."

More than 4,000 has expressed an interest in going, and over 1,200 went actually attended throughout the day, with many fans dressed up as Princess Leia, sporting the iconic hair buns and lightsabers, with men dressing as her love interest, Han Solo Others wore bright yellow coats and dresses, and carried umbrellas in tribute to Reynolds' most famous role in Singing' in the Rain. 

Princess Leias boarded the studios' Star Tours ride to fly over Jakku, Naboo, Hoth and Coruscant with C-3PO as tour guide, whilst many of Reynold's umbrella toting fans rode The Great Movie Ride in the replica Chinese Theatre to watch the legendary Singin' in the Rain scene.

The Disney park heard about the fan event, and reached out to Katie the week before and offered to create a slideshow of Fisher and Reynolds for the tribute, and in a final celebratory display to honour the late duo, hundreds of fans gathered at 6.30pm in front of the Star Wars stage, and held up their glowing lightsabers and umbrellas while a special mix of Singin' in the Rain and the Star Wars theme played.