Windproof Square Golf Umbrella


Windproof Square Golf Umbrella


FACT:  You play golf ………… so people already think you're SQUARE! 
You're also probably of an age (21 again) when you want things easy, and there's nothing easier than the push up, pull down mechanism, with no fiddly little bits to catch your fingers (essential for glass holding at the 19th hole)

So why not challenge people's, obviously incorrect (you super stylish person, you), assumption of your squareness with this super stylish, cracking piece of trolley kit. 

No really!

  • Non-golfers are definitely allowed to buy these golfing brollies, and, in fact please do, so that golfers are not the only really stylish people out there.

  • You don't have to be 21 again to buy this umbrella, but it's a big'un so you could do with being grown up(that rules me out then!).

  • We are in no way implying all golfers are square, but let's face it some definitely are!

It's definitely NOT square to go square!

Technical bits

  • Length when closed: 102cm from handle to tip
  • Canopy width when open: 90cm (totally big enough to cover all big hair, bottoms or bellies)
  • Lightweight, flexible, wind resilient fibreglass frame
  • Strong square tube shaft
  • Square rubber feel handle
  • Square tip (you can't poke anybody's eye out, so no lawsuits) 
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