Galleria Paris Umbrella - Folding


Galleria Paris Umbrella - Folding


Every corner of Paris oozes romance, with the amorous setting of the Eiffel Tower backdropped by the gorgeous River Seine, Paris rightfully deserves its title as the City of Love. To get that romantic feeling on a daily basis just have a chocolate crepe for breakfast, put on your most stylish attire, pick up your inspiring Parisian brolly and head for the streets, and once you get there, at the top of your voice, sing Cole Porter's classic 'I love Paris'. 

Are you ready, here goes………

♫ I love Paris in the springtime, 
I love Paris in the fall, 
I love Paris in the winter, when it drizzles, 
I love Paris in the summer, when it sizzles, 
I love Paris every moment, 
Every moment of the year, 
I love Paris, 
Why, why do I love Paris? 
Because my love is here! ♫ 

Disclaimer: If you happen to find yourself locked in a padded cell after following the above instructions, Hello Brolly will deny all responsibility for your actions.

The technical bits


  • Automatic open & close 
  • Length folded 31cm 
  • Canopy diameter approx. 100cm 
  • Weight 427g 
  • Unbreakable fibreglass ribs 
  • Gift box
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